The Exiled Shalash

Friday, March 31, 2006


When in doubt, read a poem... when depressed, read a poem... when you feel like Zarqawi is winning, read a poem... when the cradle of civilization cannot decide between two idiots (Ja'afari or Abdulmahdi), that's right, read a damn poem. Here's a verse from Nizar Qabbani's, "A secret report from CRUELISTAN:"

هل تعرفون من انا
مواطن يسكن في دولة (قمعستان)
وهذه الدولة ليست نكتة مصرية
او صورة منقولة عن كتب البديع والبيان
فأرض (قمعستان) جاء ذكرها
في معجم البلدان ...
وان من اهم صادراتها
حقائبا جلدية
مصنوعة من جسد الانسان
الله ... يا زمان ...


Do you know who I am?
A citizen residing in a country known as CRUELISTAN
And this country is not an Egyptian joke
It's mentioned in the encyclopedia of countries
One of its most crucial exports...
are leather bags
made of human flesh
Oh God, the times...


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