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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll Released

I am happy to report that Jill Carroll, the American reporter for the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor has been freed from the swords of the 7th century. Wow! Jill Carroll is a name that entered the American MSM so fast that it makes it hard for us to think about how we as human beings work.

When foreigners are kidnapped or killed in Iraq, there follows a profile of that person, a lengthy eulogy that includes the loved ones he or she left behind. There is a smiling picture of the victim, reminding the loved ones of happier times.

I would like, if I can to join Jill Carroll's family and friends on this joyous day!

Iraqi victims of 7th century terrorism aren't exactly treated that way. They are kidnapped and killed without any mention, we rarely get to know their names or see their pictures. Aren't we also human? Don't we have feelings? Don't we laugh and cry, love and hate like all of God's children?

On this joyous occasion, the day on which Jill Carroll is released, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Associated Press for this photo whose caption reads, "Iraqi women..." I guess that's enough for Iraqis:


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