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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Of Turbans and Democrats

Even the most optimistic planners of Operation Iraqi Freedom did not predict Jeffersonian democracy to be the final outcome of the war, but who knew that the name of this new democracy would be Sistanian? Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani is the neo-cons' worst nightmare. If Paul Woolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith and company knew that Sistanian democracy would be the final product of the whole operation, would they have removed Saddam?

Sistani is the type of democrat who believes in elections only because he already knows the results. 555ers swept last December's elections because that slate, like many of its men and women were blessed (instead of endorsed) by Sistani.

Those who call the old Iranian cleric a democrat are living in another world. Sistani believes in not a single principle of liberal democracy except elections and that's because elections (census in the case of Iraq) were easily predictable.

Today Iraq is ruled by men wearing Turbans, their mandate comes from masses who obey a man who in the heart of his heart believes that democracy is a heresy in God's eyes. The Quran says nothing about democracy, the earlier Imams including the two whose shrine was recently blown up by Zarqawi never once spoke of a process where authority is derived from the masses.

The U.S. made Sistani who he is today, Bremer consulted Sistani for every little thing, making him the undisputed leader of Shi'istan!

The thoughts of what could have been done fill my throat with tears. Sistani and his 7th century army of Ali's boys should have been told to endorse democracy not elections. Yes, democracy, that wonderful Greek invention that evolved to mean minority rights and respect for the rule of law and women rights and the right to express yourself and the right not to be forced to write under the name "Shalash al-Iraqi."


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