The Exiled Shalash

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shalash al-Iraqi

Shalash al-Iraqi is a pen name for one of the most courageous Iraqi writers I have ever had the honor of reading. He writes witty columns in Arabic about a crumbling Iraq, a sectarian Iraq, a corrupt Iraq, a bloody Iraq. Though between the witty, sarcastic and critical lines of Shalash, one can detect a broken-hearted man, a man of dashed dreams who is compelled to see the authority in his country transferred from chauvinistic and genocidal Arab nationalists to a group of men who aspire to bring Iraq to the 7th century.

The idea for this blog is not to make another Shalash or even an English Shalash, it is rather to introduce Shalash to the English speaking world.


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