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Monday, March 20, 2006

Shalash and Um Hussayn

Shalash has a new piece, it's called, "I was on TV," you see in many of his pieces, he speaks to Um Hussayn, a lady that is most likely his wife... he starts, as usual in a simple manner by saying that he was on TV, he says that he was wearing a white shirt, you know the one with stripes.

The supposed TV appearance was on the day of the first, albeit very brief parliamantary session, he describes the crowd as a bunch of theives and liars and killers. Though a few were decent, a few, Shalash says, care about Iraq but he who cares about Iraq these days is a hated man, hated man, hated man! How did we get here?

It is rare that Shalash praises politicians, but he does say to Um Hussayn that he thinks Barham Salih, the current minister of planning is among the decent few. Barham, Shalash says, is a "good Kurd," and hints that either Jalal or Massoud are "bad Kurds," he doesn't say which, but he most likely meant both!


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