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Friday, April 07, 2006

Baghdad Burning and Zarqawi Not Existing

I was glad to hear that Riverbend's "Baghdad Burning" blog was nominated for a Samuel Johnson prize. Riverbend is a pseudonym for an Iraqi female writer who has made herself famous from blogging from a burning Baghdad. I have often enjoyed her writing from a literary point of view, she writes English flawlessly and beautifully, much like the openly gay Iraqi blogger, Salam Pax who has yet to tell his readers that his dad was a high up in the Ba'ath Party, hence the good education, hence the good English, hence the luxury of not knowing what it was like to be an Iraqi.

I am not claiming that that's the case with Riverbend because I know nothing personal about her nor do I care to investigate. She may afterall be an actual Iraqi person who suffered under Saddam and is now suffering from those carrying in their hearts swords from the 7th century. But it would be more appropriate if the Samuel Johnson people awarded her with a prize in fiction, rather than non-fiction or political commentary.

Riverbend calls Iraq's political class "puppets,' and leftists in the West love the idea that America is all about installing puppets in third world countries. This is in no way a defense of Iraq's political class, most of them are a bag of crap to me, but puppets? I think not. The Americans are not crazy about Abdulaziz al-Hakim nor are they in love with Ibrahim al-Ja'afari but they are working with them because they respect the fact that they are the will of their people (sometimes I wish they didn't).

Riverbend's genius political commentary is apparent from her thoughts on Zarqawi whom she thinks does not exist, rather that he is an American invention, a sort of a scapegoat for the ever-so-mysterious nature of the insurgency. Only Riverbend and Abdulbari Atwan think that Zarqawi doesn't actually exist. There have been biographies written on Zarqawi. People in the town of Zarqa in Jordan have been interviewed about Zarqawi and documents from "American-Occupied Afghanistan" show that indeed a man by the name of Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi worked independently as a Jihadist (by independently I mean outside of Bin Laden's network).

Call it what you want, but this post is not an attack on Riverbend whose blog I read and enjoy, it is rather an effort to show how the left in the West worships those who call the Iraq project an occupation and mock the policies of the United States and I will add this, wish from the heart of their hearts that Iraq will be dragged into a civil war only so that Bush would look bad.


  • I think you're right. A lot of people want nothing more than for this all to fail. They don't care about Iraqis, they care about proving that the US is not capable of acting independent of the UN and that Bush is a moron.

    By Blogger pelted, at 3:43 PM  

  • Oh, please pelted, what kind of nonsense is this

    As for you, exiled Shalash, if you google Az-Zarqawi, you will find writer and intelligent activists, politicians and others who have written endlessly about the bogus Zaeqawi not just the lady of Riverbend or Abdul Bari Atwan. Even in some quotes from the Pentagon, there has been serious speculation about his existance. These writers and activisits have written about his non-existance not just in the USA, but Europe, Latin America and Asia.

    PLEASE do your homework right.

    Fix your favorite drink and google the name and find out for yourself.
    It has nothing to do with serving the left in the USA

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:25 PM  

  • as an iraqi living inside iraq, i was really curious to see the cartoon that made all that fuzz, but i couldnt see it here , only heared about newspaper re_published it, and no tv channel broadcasted it, and i really wanted to see what was making all that reaction . thank you for making me see what i just kept hearing about for few months.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 AM  

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