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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Number of Sunni Deaths Since al-Askariyyah = 3000

I have just learned from a very trusted source that the number of Sunni deaths since the day the al-Askariyyah shrine was bombed is 3000. Talk about retribution!

3000 Sunnis have been murdered by Shi'a extremists, mostly followers of Muqtada, the so called Jaysh al-Mahdi but also by BADR, the military wing of SCIRI. Shi'a militias include, sadly, Mughaweer al-Dakhiliyyah which is Arabic for, "Uniformed Men of the Interior Ministry." The Interior Ministry is run by a war criminal, Bayan Solagh Jabr, the man who wants to avenge the death of imam Hussein by killing 21st century Baghdadi Sunnis!

Shame on the Iraqi government for not doing something about these militias.

Here's how scores of Sunnis were killed immediately after the shrine bombing. The Mahdi Army took Sunni men (dozens), lined them up and had young people (some kids) shoot them to death. It is a smart move on the part of the Sadrists, they are forcing young people to be loyal by staining their hands with the blood of innocent people.

What is the difference between Zarqawi and other terrorists killing Shi'as and Shi'a militias killing Sunnis? The difference is the former is done by outlawed groups and the latter is done by people inside the government or people who have many close links to the government.

Talabani should resign over the murder of these people! Ja'afari should be put on trial for treason and Bayan Jabr should shoot himself in the head.


  • You might have forgotten that we have people in Iraq who are great in saying YES and nothing but yes, they did it once to Saddam, and they are doing it now to Muqtada Al-sadre and Ali Sistani, or al Zarqawi so basicly the problem is with the iraqies, where there are two types of them: the first will say Yes to whoevere treats them like sheeps, or the other kind who will say(any sha3laya)means it is not my business.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 AM  

  • Mabrouk on such an eloquent blog. I must really pop by more often. Nice work!

    By Blogger Bruno, at 6:09 AM  

  • what a blog full of nonsense against Shia!!.. what an iraqi! u r iraqi? look at ur posts?.. dear god.. how can we live together from now on?.. u r setting up a counter.. really.. how did u count them.. and whom ur TRUSTED source .. should i start talking about how many shia got killed by the sunni terrorists who i still dont like calling them sunnis coz they r terrorists and i hate mentionging them as if they represent sunna.. WHAT A SHAME.. BAD blog.. im not gona ocme back here

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:06 PM  

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