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Monday, April 10, 2006

We Need a Fatwa

Some people get mad at me when I say that Sistani is useless because Sistani to some is God's representative on earth, much like the pope, so you know they can do no wrong. In this very frustrating political deadlock that our bag of shit political class has created, shouldn't Sistani step up and issue a Fatwa calling upon the masses to protest? Doesn't this nonsense bother Sistani?

I think that Sistani owes his existence to the United States and more specifically to L. Paul Bremer III, so as a favor to the United States, Sistani should urge Iraq's politicians to expedite the formation of this damned government. There are many ways he can do this, first and foremost, he can urge Shi'as to protest. He can also ask Ja'afari to step down and take one for the team.

I mean this even though if I had the power, I would put Sistani under house arrest until the day he hit bucket, but I realize that people listen to him and that he should use that to expedite this damned process of forming a government which by the way was elected FOUR months ago. If I could take my vote back, I would in a New York heartbeat!


  • what are your thoughts on alnajafi, the guy who's in line to succeed sistani anyday now? I understand alnajafi is originally from pakistan. Can we expect more pak/shiite influnce when he gets to be godfather?

    By Blogger Antar, at 2:17 PM  

  • It's hard to predict how they will act until theyre actually there, also note that Sistani is one of hal a dozen grand ayatollahs, he is by no means "the ayatollah." I can predict this much, like Sistani, no ayatollah will ever be a liberal democrat because the two don't go together, that's why when Ayad Jamal-a-din says that he is "secular," he is not exactly saying the truth about either his faith or his politics, he's lying about one of them.

    By Blogger The Exiled Shalash, at 5:20 PM  

  • MOST of the world look at the reverance given to this man and scratch their heads. They say "Say what?"

    To most of us, Sistani's followers are worshipping an idol when they revere a man this much.

    Men are men. Men are infallable. No man is greater than the man at his shoulder.

    By Anonymous Scott from Oregon, at 1:27 AM  

    One thing (Which a fundamentalist friend of mine explained to me later, but never got to convince me!)...when they say "Qaddasallah sirrah"...doesn't it kind of make you wonder what has he been doing in his youth?!
    Not that smart of me, but hey...I'm not kidding!

    By Blogger Riot Starter, at 7:13 PM  

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