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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

al-Maliki in Washington (2 of series)

I speculated earlier in this post what al-Maliki wants to say to Bush and what he actually will say. As it turns out, I've only been half-right so far or maybe even a quarter right and three quarters wrong. He did not say that he wishes every last Jew would be thrown in the sea (which he wants to say), but he wasn't neutral about the Israeli-Lebanese crisis. He should have been neautral of course because this is the same Hassan Nassrallah who opposed any military attack against Saddam. It just so happened that the military attack was something that led al-Maliki to a position he never thought he would reach, not even in his sweetest dreams. In fact the return of the Mahdi was more likely than al-Maliki becoming the Prime Minister of Iraq, that's right I said it!

al-Maliki, in my judgement made a huge mistake, a moral wrongdoing. al-Maliki failed during yesterday's press conference with Bush to thank the United States for liberating Iraq, he failed to acknowledge the sacrifces of the men and women of the United States armed forces. I normally would say, "fire the speechwriter," but I know better. It was deliberate and absurd is the only word that comes to my mind. While he can remedy that by saying something to the joint session that he is supposed to address today, it is still something he should have said in the first appearance.


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