The Exiled Shalash

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hate Mail 1 of -

After posting the Nuri al-Maliki entry, I received this email from an Iraqi Shi'a:


I know who you are, you can stop hiding behind that pen name, you filthy self-hating Shi'te.

If you know who I am, why the hell are you addressing me by me pen name?

You said yourself that you don't know anything about Dr. Maliki so why do you say that he is sectarian?

"Dr. Maliki?" Did he get a PhD in the philosophy of backwardness? Was his thesis on the glorification of polygomy or a defense of marriage for 8 year old girls?

Maybe Saddam was better for you, maybe you deserve Saddam.


If I ever see you in Baghdad, you better watch out.

I am shaking...


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