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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lebanon Update 7

Jordan and Egypt Join Saudi Arabia:

Jordan and Egypt, al-Hayat is reporting have joined Saudi Arabia in calling Hizbollah's actions as irresponsble and adventurous.

West Asian Championship Is Postponed:

According to al-Arabiyyah news channel, the West Asian Soccer Championship which was to be hosted be Lebanon have been postponed.

Kuwaiti Reaction:

The Kuwaiti News Agnecy is reorting that the Prime Minister utterly condemns the actions of the "Israeli enemy" on the people of Lebanon. Ahhhh Kuwait...

"Haifa and Beyond" Says Nassrallah:

al-Quds al-Arabi, the newspaper whose chief editor, Abdulbari Atwan should be in prison for publicaly praising men like Zarqawi and Bin Laden is reporting that Hassan Nassrallah, secretary general of Hizbollah is threatening that the surprises are yet to come and that they would start targeting Haifa and beyond.

Walid Jumblat:

Walid Jumblat, the Druze warlord who more often than not speaks under the influence of heavey drugs said, according to an-Nahr newspaper that Syria and Israel have an agreement to destroy Lebanon!

United Arab Emirates Reaction:

Unlike Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, but like Kuwait, the UAE remains in solidarity with terrorism in the name of "helping the brethern of Lebanon." al-Khaleej newspaper has dedicated a whole section of its website to the crisis and it is called, "the Tsunami of Zionist Terror Hits Lebanon."


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