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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lebanon Update

Something is wrong with this math, 50 Lebanese civilians were murdered by IDF strikes, reason? 2 Israeli soldiers are captured by Hizbollah. Which means, at least so far that for each Israeli life, 25 Arabs have to die.

Lebanon is in a state of siege, Beirut's airport is shut down after its two runways were hit by Israel, reason? The airport, according to the Israelis is used for transfering weapons. Is it true? Who knows?

According to al-Arabiyyah, over 12 thousand Gulf tourists have evacuated Beirut fearing an escalation in the crisis.

I managed, after several attempts to get in touch with a Lebanese friend in Beirut who told me that it doesn't look too bad, but people are generally fearing that it will get worse.

My 10 cents:

Give back the two soldiers for the love of God. Hizbollah's gamble is utterly stupid, they don't need to test the IDF, they know better how Israel reacts. Nassrallah should gain for himself a little credibility and give back the two soldiers.

What I Fear:

Israel is now engaged in a campaign of, "they started it, we'll finish it." They're no longer concerned about the two soldiers, they want to make sure that Hizbollah never dares do this again. That will cost Lebanon too much.

Nassrallah's Birthday:

Tomorrow is Nassrallah's birthday, if the rockets against Northern Israel don't stop, it may well be his last day.

I hope that the situation will calm down very soon.


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